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The Durruti Column On Tour In Russia by Miguel Amorós

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… The CNT had always opposed Bolshevik methods and condemned the Russian dictatorship (even though the latter professed to be a dictatorship of the proletariat) but most of its leaders reckoned that they were living in special circumstances now and that if the Spanish revolution – indeed, the revolution worldwide – was to be salvaged, well, that was worth one Stalinist Mass. …

Apparently Durruti saw no point in the trip, but his War Committee, meeting in Osera, came out in favour of it and decided that Carreño should go as the representative of the Column. So on 23 October [1936] Durruti drafted a message to Russian workers and handed it over. The letter was addressed to the workers alone, ignoring their leaders and despite any diplomatic inhibitions about its contents, it bluntly affirmed the anarchist ideal….

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22, September 2010 at 9:12 am

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“Freedom” review The Tragic Procession: Alexander Berkman and Russian Prisoner Aid

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Short but Sweet:

The Tragic Procession: Alexander Berkman and Russian Prisoner Aid [Review]

This is a beautiful document, showing real care and devotion to anarchist history. It is a well-produced facsimile of the bulletins of the anarchist aid organisations after the Russian revolution and Bolshevik repression, between 1923 and 1931. The indefatigable spirit of Alexander Berkman runs through the bulletins and we can see the efforts made by the relief committees in the statements of accounts at the back of each one.

It won’t win any converts, but a useful historical document.

The Tragic Procession: Alexander Berkman and Russian Prisoner Aid
Kate Sharpley Library £8

Review by Martin H. From: Freedom v.71, n.11 (11 September 2010)

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New Kate Sharpley Library blog

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The rumoured Kate Sharpley Library blog has now appeared. It “will share, notes, news, and more. It is a special place to share information from the archive that you might not find anywhere else.”

The first entry is an article on Mat Kavanagh and the History of Anarchism. It’s partly about how movements record their history, but also about what we miss if we only focus on the ‘big names’ of anarchism.

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