Anarchists in the Gulag (and prison and exile)

Bolshevik repression of anarchists after 1917

Out now: Kate Sharpley Library Bulletin, with added Max Chernyak

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KSL: Bulletin of the Kate Sharpley Library No. 66, April 2011 has just been posted on the site. You can get to the contents here or read the full pdf here.

Archibald, Malcolm. The Many Lives of Max Chernyak .
Chernyak, Maxim Matveyevich. A Letter from Max Chernyak.
Bookunin, M. The Russian Revolution in Ukraine (March 1917-April 1918) and Under the Blows of the Counter-revolution (April-June 1918) by Nestor Makhno [Review].
Italian Anarchism, 1864-1892 by Nunzio Pernicone [Review].
Orobón Fernández, Valeriano. A las Barricadas!

Max Chernyak [aka Maxim Cherniak]
Anarchist, barber, exile, wobbly, partisan, and number one secret agent of the Makhnovist movement… Who was Max Chernyak [aka Maxim Cherniak] and what happened to him?

Hope you enjoy it!

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22, April 2011 at 4:16 pm

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