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Aron Baron in Pittsburgh (1916)

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Pittsburgh, PA

By chance Comrade Baron, editor of the anarchist organ Alarm, arrived in our city and spent about three weeks here. During this time Comrade Baron delivered a series of lectures on the labour question, and also spoke at mass meetings and was a great help in starting S.R.R. [Soyuz Russkikh Rabochikh (Union of Russian Workers)] No.2, which has already signed up 38 members. It’s very desirable to have such revolutionary workers dropping by on a regular basis to our neck of the woods. Comrade Baron speaks Russian fluently. Therefore, I suggest to all Russian labour organizations that they invite him to give lectures. Comrade Baron lives in Chicago.

E. N.

From: Golos truda, May 9, 1916, No. 89 (in Russian). Translated by: Malcolm Archibald.


Also, some photos from wikipedia:


Fanya Baron


Aron Baron in exile with second wife Fanny Avrutskaya and daughter Voltairine


[added 25 June] The KSL wiki has a page to try and iron out some of the questions about Aron Baron’s life. Was he in charge of Poltava in 1918?

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20, June 2013 at 9:23 am

Fanya Baron photo identified

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International Institue for Social History coll Flechine neg 138/93 G unknown Female   two women plus young girl. Right hand woman identified as Fanya Baron: In Dubinsky’s letter to Fleshin and Steimer of 10.11.1931 we find: “I’m attaching a photograph of Fanya Baron. She’s marked by an “X” and holding a child belonging to her sister, who is standing above her. This photograph was given to me by Semka. Make a copy of it if you can of Fanya and enlarge it for our newspapers.” (IISH, Senya Fléchine Papers, Folder 87). [credit: Yuri Kravetz, trans. Malcolm Archibald]


Fanya Baron bio on Libcom

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Leah Feldman’s photo album

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Leah Feldman was an anarchist who was active in Warsaw, in the Ukraine with the Makhnovist movement and later in London. An obituary of her by Albert Meltzer is on the Kate Sharpley Library website


Here are the pages of Leah’s photo album. Fortunately, Albert went through the pages with Leah and wrote down the names she could remember. If you can help us put more names to faces, or tell their stories, please get in touch.



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