Anarchists in the Gulag (and prison and exile)

Bolshevik repression of anarchists after 1917

Aron Baron in Pittsburgh (1916)

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Pittsburgh, PA

By chance Comrade Baron, editor of the anarchist organ Alarm, arrived in our city and spent about three weeks here. During this time Comrade Baron delivered a series of lectures on the labour question, and also spoke at mass meetings and was a great help in starting S.R.R. [Soyuz Russkikh Rabochikh (Union of Russian Workers)] No.2, which has already signed up 38 members. It’s very desirable to have such revolutionary workers dropping by on a regular basis to our neck of the woods. Comrade Baron speaks Russian fluently. Therefore, I suggest to all Russian labour organizations that they invite him to give lectures. Comrade Baron lives in Chicago.

E. N.

From: Golos truda, May 9, 1916, No. 89 (in Russian). Translated by: Malcolm Archibald.


Also, some photos from wikipedia:


Fanya Baron


Aron Baron in exile with second wife Fanny Avrutskaya and daughter Voltairine


[added 25 June] The KSL wiki has a page to try and iron out some of the questions about Aron Baron’s life. Was he in charge of Poltava in 1918?


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20, June 2013 at 9:23 am

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