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80th Anniversary of the death of Nestor Makhno

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It’s 80 years since the death of Nestor Makhno in Paris.

We’ve posted a couple of pieces – a contemporary tribute from the anarchists of Toronto and John Manifold’s poem Makhno’s philosophers.

Elsewhere, the British Library blog has an interesting – book-focused of course – post by Olga Kerziouk, Curator Ukrainian Studies, called “Back in tachanka days” (after the first line of Manifold’s poem: a tachanka was a peasant-cart-with-machine-gun, a favourite Makhnovist weapon).

Worldcat has a number of books by Makhno listed:

Don’t forget, the three volumes of Makhno’s memoirs  – The Russian Revolution in Ukraine, Under the Blows of the Counterrevolution and The Ukrainian Revolution – are available in English thanks to the efforts of Malcolm Archibald and Black Cat Press in Edmonton

Olga Kerziouk, Curator Ukrainian Studies
Olga Kerziouk, Curator Ukrainian Studies

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6, July 2014 at 5:47 pm

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