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The Funeral of Sazhin-Ross

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The funeral of P. A. Kropotkin on February 13, 1921, has often been described as the last public manifestation of the anarchist movement in Russia, at least until the final years of the Soviet era. But another funeral took place in 1934 in Moscow that also provided an opportunity for the display of anarchist sympathies. The occasion was the death on January 8 of Mikhail Petrovich Sazhin, born 1845, in his youth a close associate of M. A. Bakunin… [read the rest on the Kate Sharpley Library site]

Translation and notes by Malcolm Archibald.

From: Delo Trouda-Probouzhdenie, No. 34 (November–December 1950), pp. 22–23.

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Faces from the anarchist past: Nabat anarchists in prison

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…probably in 1922.

They are:

Front row left to right: A. I. Levada, Ivan Charin, Liya Gotman, Aron Baron
Back row left to right: Rebeka Yaroshevskaya, Alexey Olonetsky, [not Aleksandr but] V.I. Protsenko, Anton Shlakovoy

taken from the KSL website, where there’s more information (and a correction)

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