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Billy MacQueen and anarchist history

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It might be ‘excitingly irregular’, but Notes from the KSL: blog of the Kate Sharpley Library has just been updated. The new essay is on Free Commune and Billy MacQueen:

We are beginning to think about scanning some of the material we hold in the KSL archives. What we want to do though is put what we scan into some kind of context and not just leave it floating around aimlessly on the “world wide web”. Anyhow – here’s a paper that interests us, The Free Commune from Leeds. It appears to have been published during 1898 and it re-invented itself as The Free Commune: A Quarterly Magazine in January 1899. KSL holds No. 3 of The Free Commune and No. 1 of the The Free Commune Magazine. (If you can send us other copies that would be a treat!!!)

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11, April 2012 at 8:23 am