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Portrait of the artist as a wanted man (on Peter the Painter/ Jānis Žāklis)

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A review of Philip Ruff’s A Towering Flame : The Life & Times of ‘Peter the Painter’ is up on the KSL site at

“Philip Ruff has been looking for the truth about Peter the Painter since 1986, off and on. When he started, there was still a Soviet Union and he had to interview the KGB (rather than the other way round) about the Latvian revolutionary movement. Over the years, Ruff has searched archives and tracked down relatives of those involved around the world….”

Don’t forget, while you’re there, to check out the account of Latvian anarchists in Moscow in 1917-18


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23, April 2018 at 7:56 am

Janis Zhaklis (Peter the Painter) article

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The Kate Sharpley Library has just posted a translation of Kristine Sadovska’s article “See how Latvians BURN when they catch fire!“, drawing on Phil Ruff’s researches into Latvian anarchist Janis Zhaklis (better known as Peter the Painter). The article of course mentions the Houndsditch affair and the Siege of Sidney Street, but also some of Zhaklis’ previous adventures, like the Riga Central Prison attack to liberate Julijs Shlesers and Janis Lacis (September 1905) and the January 1906 attack on the secret police headquarters.

“Pētera Māldera laiks un dzīve” (“The Life and Times of Peter the Painter”) by Phil Ruff is out in Riga early August 2012, published by Dienas Gramata.

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20, March 2012 at 10:53 am