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Leah Feldman Yiddish letters (updated)

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Two Letters from Leah Feldman, re: relief work for imprisoned and exiled Russian anarchists. The gist of the first one: “F. sends 30 shilling for the fund and a few addresses of needy comrades in Russia and England.” [Rena Fuks-Mansfeld – see] (both from Folder 88 of the Flechine Archive at the IISG in Amsterdam:

122LeahFeldman1931 121LeahFeldman1930

Dedication (?) in Yiddish from: Nitshes filozofye by H Menes-Freind. Varshe : L. Hershauge, 1939. From the Kate Sharpley LibraryDedicationLeahFeldman NietzscheLeahFeldman

Full translations welcome. Done, thanks to Murray Glickman

See (check out the pdfs for neater Yiddish text).LeahFeldmanLetterDated16XII31 LeahFeldmanAMarkofFriendship LeahFeldmanLetterDated15X30


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6, November 2014 at 8:24 pm

Leah Feldman (on leaving Russia)

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“Thanks to a good friend of Albert Meltzer we can share with you a scan of the original image of Leah Feldman (on leaving Russia) as used in her obituary in KSL: Bulletin of the Kate Sharpley Library.”  See

Leah Feldman, on leaving Russia

Leah Feldman, on leaving Russia

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10, October 2014 at 10:49 am

Leah Feldman’s photo album

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Leah Feldman was an anarchist who was active in Warsaw, in the Ukraine with the Makhnovist movement and later in London. An obituary of her by Albert Meltzer is on the Kate Sharpley Library website


Here are the pages of Leah’s photo album. Fortunately, Albert went through the pages with Leah and wrote down the names she could remember. If you can help us put more names to faces, or tell their stories, please get in touch.



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An account of Bialystok’s anarchists…

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…Proper title ‘From the history of the anarchist “Black Banner” movement in Białystok’ by Grossman-Roshchin (1924) with thanks to Karetelnik (translator).

(Lots of interesting people either were in the Black Banner group, or in contact with it.)

[Also, I should mention this comment by a comrade

“The most complete treatment of the Białystok  anarchists is this work in Spanish: “]

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21, January 2012 at 4:43 pm